Anglers' Edge Polarized Bi-Focal Eyewear $29.99 ~ Choose from 4 styles

Bi-focal Sun Readers

Favored by fishing enthusiasts, contractors, hobbyists, vacationers.
Anyone who needs reading glasses and spends time outdoors in the sun.

Tinted Non-Polarized Bi-Focal lets users view instruments, watches, phones and other devices with polarized screens without removing your sunglasses.

  • Polarized Lenses - 100% UV Protection
  • Tinted non-polarized Bi-Focal
  • Magnification: +1.50 (Mild) +2.00 (Medium) +2.50 (Strong)
  • All Around Protection and Performance
  • Enhance Contrast & Reduce Eyestrain
  • Gray Lens for bright, sunny conditions
  • Brown Lens for brighter contrast, true color in low light
  • Includes case and cleaning cloth for your new sunglasses